Moving Tips

The sooner you can schedule your move the better. Make sure you take in account everything that you are moving and relay this to our moving professionals. This will help us coordinate the proper amount of space on the truck and will also help ensure that your estimate is correct. We are here to guarantee that your move is easy and to do this we need to have  good communications to make this happen.

Packing Material

Once you are confirmed and scheduled for your move, remember our moving representative will be at your side the entire move. You will not be passed around from person to person here. We assign a single person who is well versed in your move and knows what is going on.

Within one week of the move our Quality Assurance Department will contact you and assist in covering all items that will be transported and ensure that there will be adequate boxes and packing material to protect your belongings. This will ensure that your items will be safe and get to your new home without incident.

Within 24 – 48 hours of the move you will be contacted by the Dispatch Department and the driver of your truck. He will make the final arrangements of his arrival to your home and also get any specific instructions needed to get to your house. Once he is an hour out, he will also call you to inform of his imminent arrival so you can be present to allow the movers inside to disassemble and pack up all your items.

DOT Weight Station

Once the truck is loaded, you can follow them to a DOT weight station which the truck and your belongings will be weighed by a Federal Dept. of Transportation officer. This is your assurance that the weight is correct. Now if you choose to follow the truck, we can also provide the actual receipt to you for your records.

Now that your belongs are in transit to your new home, please remember that the DOT  only  allows a limit of 500 miles per day. So if you are moving across the country this could take 5 – 6 days depending on the distance. If you  also need extra time we offer a 30 day FREE storage. After the 30 days there is an additional monthly storage charge.

Once the Driver has arrived within the area of your new home, he will call you to set up a delivery window in which is the best possible time for you to receive your furniture. Once there we will un-wrap all the furniture and re-assemble it into the proper rooms. This makes it easy on you to organize the unpacking of your belongings.



Moving Tips

What should you know about moving and packing an apartment



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