Interstate Moves

An interstate move consists of moving as close as to an adjacent state or moving completely across the country. It is important for you to understand what it entails.

Our “BINDING-NOT-TO-EXCEED” estimate is designed to protect you from any hidden charges. Our proprietary moving software is designed to calculate your item’s weight. This is done instead of the old system of using cubic feet to make sure the weight is accurate and also over estimated at the same time. We do this to make sure that your estimate will not go over the actual weight which saves you money. This may work in your favor after the move is complete in that if the actual weight is under the estimate you will receive money back for the over calculation.

When you go through the inventory checklist with a moving specialist, you decide on all the furniture to be moved, packing materials and boxes that are needed for moving to your new home. Moreover, we are also packing specialists. If requested we will come in and disassemble all the furniture and pad wrap/bubble wrap to ensure a safe transit. This is all part of our service and it is what you should expect from any full service mover.

We also offer a “Full Pack” option of all of your belongings if you choose. This is a special service where we will pack everything you specify in boxes with the appropriate materials. This service is not expensive and can be done if requested.

Once the Items are in the truck we have them weighed at a DOT weight station to give you the security and confirmation of the property’s weight by a government facility.

Once we get to your destination, we will unpack all items, reassemble them in their proper rooms and place all boxes as well. We want you to have a stress-free move. This is why we say we “Make Moving Easy!” We are standing by to assist call us now at (855)848-7225!

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